Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What Motivates You?

Does this photo make you ache for a get-a-way? I’m curious how you are all doing with your New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you’re not a resolution person, but instead; you set yearly goals as I do. One of mine being not to worry. Tying in a goal to what motivates us becomes a strong bond to see our goals through. Personally, reading scripture every morning – especially Proverbs – or listening to a new piece of music – usually composed of string instruments – or reading a famous quote – one that tweaks my world just a tad, helps me immensely.

Today, I want to touch on the concept of worry with a real-life example... Yesterday, my son-in-law and daughter drove me to the airport during rush-hour Nashville traffic. For those of you who have experienced this, there’s really not much I can add other than to say it was extremely congested to the point of stopped traffic on the interstate. So, we opted for the back roads thinking we find clear passage. Nope! Almost an hour later (to travel 15 miles) I made my flight with three minutes to spare and a scolding from the luggage attendant!

During the drive, I pondered. I considered. I felt a bit anxious, but I refused to worry my mind with thoughts such as: what happens if I miss my flight? Will I be able to book another flight this morning? Will I spend the day at the terminal? Instead, I chose to trust that if I missed my flight there must be a reason. Was there someone I’d cross paths with whom I needed to connect with?

As a writer, I gather my experiences through life and use them later in dialogue or setting a scene, or in behavior for my characters. Life itself is a classroom for me.

So, today I leave you with something that inspires me - a quote from my ultimate heroine, Joyce Meyers from her devotional, “Trusting God Day by Day”. “Nothing is outside God’s control, so in reality there is nothing to worry about.” I hope it helps you if you struggle with the same weakness as I. We can overcome with the tools that motivate us. Find yours. Happy 2017.  

Until next time, let us enjoy this life we are blessed to live.  

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