Sunday, May 1, 2016

Two Author Presentations

I had the privilege of addressing two audiences last week in two separate author presentations. 
What a privilege, what a joy to be able to stand before an audience and talk about my books, what motivates me to write, and where I see myself going in the future. 
The two events were on the heels of a telephone call I received from a reader with a strong Polish accent who thanked me for writing my first book, “Nick, The Journey of a Lifetime.” She asked me where she could buy the book because she wanted a copy to give to her son. What an extraordinary compliment that I didn’t anticipate when I accepted my husband’s suggestion to write his grandparents’ story. 
We all have a story of immigration in our histories and maybe my book has the ability to start the dialogue in families. As I read the thank you notes that I received from the hosts for last week’s presentations, all I can say is how very lucky am I. Until next time, let us enjoy this life we are blessed to live.  

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