Sunday, April 17, 2016

Don Beebe, Former Packer, Visit

Today was special. Don Beebe, a former Green Bay Packer, spoke for nearly one hour at each of the three services at our church at River Glen. He explained in great detail how he never should have ended up in the NFL. He wanted to play basketball. The former Packer explained each time he tried to walk a path other than the one God had intended for him, he was gently corrected or God simply waited until he was ready. His presentation reminded me of how God’s hand can be seen in our lives if you take the time to dialogue with God or in prayer. Beebe reminded us that we all are blessed with gifts but then asked us if we are using the gifts to glorify God? When you look back in your lives, do you see God’s handiwork? We were left with some powerful questions from an impressive man who speaks openly about his faith and his walk with Christ since boyhood. As a writer myself, I have great respect for those who can so eloquently, like Don Beebe, walk onto a stage, and as if he’s talking only to you, speak on such a personal topic as this with an auditorium full of people. After the service, I volunteered to help get the books signed for church members. What a thrill! Until next time, let us live the life we are blessed to live.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Loving Days Like This One

I love days like this one. As many of you know, my second book "The Ticket" is set during the construction of Titanic. In fact, the ship is the lure for the main character, Margaret Reardon. 

I hope when you click on this article you're able to read it because it's a phenomenal story written by Christina Capecchi with the "Catholic Herald". My aunt sent it to me after reading my book because it reveals the strength of character and love for God Father Byles, a passenger on Titanic, exhibited, in the what I can only imagine, as the very worst time of his life. Capecchi tells us the priest was given more than one opportunity to board one of the lifeboats but refused in order to minister to those left behind. 

I've come to understand in my own life that our true character is revealed under the worst of times not the easy ones. What a tremendous blessing to have him on board. 

Until next time, let's enjoy the life we are blessed to live.

Contract Signed for new book: "A Perfect Fit"

It was a great day today because I signed and mailed the contract back to the publisher for my fourth book, "A Perfect Fit "...