Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I'm a Lucky Woman

From front left: Evan Marriott, Dody Marriott, Andrea Buford, Catherine DePledge
From front right: Rosemary Wehner, Katie Kolberg Memmel, Deb Baker, Christine Schimpf

Today, I had the privilege of sharing a Christmas lunch at Zesti Restaurant in Hartland with my writing colleagues and our special guest, author Deb Baker. We took the time today to relax and celebrate all we have accomplished in 2015 as individual writers including our collective efforts with our author panel, "The Inspired Writers".
Catherine DePledge , Katie Kolberg Memmel, and myself released new books. Andrea Buford and Rosemary Wehner are nearing the completion of their books. Dody Marriott is working on more than one work-in-progress and Evan Marriott entertains us with his paranormal novel entries. Brenda Axt, who was unable to attend today, writes some of the most endearing poetry you'll ever read.
I cannot stress enough the importance of finding your people, others who share your passion, those individuals who are like-minded, and speak your special language. I believe this holds especially true for writers. Writing demands a lot of time alone. Time away from family, from friends and activities, and from the slightest interruption.
The ability to connect once a week and critique each other's work, to encourage each other to keep going, to laugh about the absurd habits we share as writers is as important as the air we breathe.
Writing makes each one of us tick, but together we help move the mountains that may be standing in our way. If you have a passion in life, like I do, I encourage to reach out and find your people. You'll be amazed how much joy they will bring into your life, and when that happens, you don't feel so all alone.
Until next time, let us enjoy this life we are blessed to live.

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