Saturday, November 7, 2015

Southeast Festival of Books

I spent the day at the Southeast Festival of Books held at the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha. I rented a table with the intention of selling both of my books and promoting our author panel, "The Inspired Writers". Although I didn't sell oodles of books, I had countless conversations with like minded people on both subjects. The air was electrified with the busyness of attendees rushing in and out of classrooms listening to author panels and keynote speakers. One conversation I initiated, may lead to an author panel of independent published writers next year presenting to attendees. What an honor that would be to be able to share the journey from writing page one to producing a book. Every opportunity is worth pursuing when you're starting out in this field, every handshake could lead to another door opening. When days like today come along, I pack up my books, my promotional material, put on a smile and start talking about my books. After all, who knows the story better than I do? Until next time, let us enjoy this life we are blessed to live.

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