Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Different Type of Thanksgiving

It was a different type of Thanksgiving this year. We were missing some of our “regular” family members. Responsibilities to the other side of the family resulted with my youngest sister and her family’s absence – that accounted for four empty seats. My daughter and her husband, and their three children moved to Nashville last year – that’s five more. And, this year, my nephew and his girlfriend moved to ‘The Big Apple’ – two more. There was no need to rearrange the living room to accommodate two dining tables seamed together with matching tablecloths because we all fit nicely on the large table using the two leaves. The meal turned beautifully – a brined turkey that was as juicy as last year’s had been but there was no need to double up on anything else like the green beans or potatoes or stuffing or the spinach-stuffed rolls. As I looked around my table, I was thankful for years passed when the entire family was present. When I closed my eyes, I could almost envision them in the next room. At the same time, I was thankful for the family I had surrounding me that very moment realizing each year we are presented with different challenges and different blessings in this life. It’s our attitude toward change that determines our behavior, and if there’s one thing in life we can count on, it’s change. Until next time, let us enjoy this life we are blessed to live. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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