Friday, April 24, 2015

Introducing my new eBook: The Ticket

     Are you a fan of Downton Abbey and Mr. Selfridge like I am? Both of these popular series take place in a time period that fascinates me, the same time period Titanic was built in Belfast, Ireland. 

     When we passed the 100th anniversary of Titanic’s fatal voyage, I was inspired to write The Ticket, my new eBook, now available on Amazon, and soon, other online book retailers.
     After watching many documentaries, recorded survivor testimonials, and reading books on the topic, I began to create the scenes and spin this tale. Conducting the research and weaving the ship’s details, set in the early 1900s, was a pure joy.

     The premise of the story, giving rather than receiving, set the stage for the main character, Margaret Reardon, plagued with self-centeredness. That was, of course, until she met our hero, Joseph Flanagan. Throughout the story, we see Margaret maturing and finally realizing that life holds more meaning when we remove self-absorption and focus our concern on others.

     The Ticket is my first published work in the inspirational romance genre. I must admit, I love it. In fact, I’ve already started another book in this genre grounded in the Midwest entitled, One Enchanted Christmas. Through the characters, the story poses the question—are we really ever forgiven after hurting someone so very deeply? I hope you look for it during the holiday season. Until next time, let's enjoy the life we are blessed to live.

Contract Signed for new book: "A Perfect Fit"

It was a great day today because I signed and mailed the contract back to the publisher for my fourth book, "A Perfect Fit "...