Friday, January 31, 2014

The Seasons of Our Lives

Has anyone noticed the light is staying with us longer in the day? I have. Each fall, as we head into the holidays, I notice the dark seeping in earlier and earlier, and honestly, I don’t mind it at all. I’m blessed not having an attraction to the sun. Oh, don’t mistake me, I enjoy the sunshine like everyone else, but I don’t need it to have a good day. During those early fall evenings, it doesn’t take me long to whip out my recipes for rich beef stew, chicken and dumplings, and roast beef with mashed potatoes and golden carrots. 

My dog, Rudy, and I adjust our walking times to the shorter or longer light. We adapt with nature’s cycles heading out for our daily hikes a little earlier or later depending where we fall on the calendar. We take it in stride, step for step, as we walk our route. The sounds of nature surround us and that changes with the seasons too.

As Wisconsin residents, I suspect many of us take for granted the four distinct seasons. All it takes is a job transfer to the south to realize just how much we depend on the change to enjoy winter, spring, summer and fall. Yes, I know, we are in for more frigid below zero temps followed by more snow. But it is winter and we have chosen to live here. Let’s enjoy the seasons of our lives.

Contract Signed for new book: "A Perfect Fit"

It was a great day today because I signed and mailed the contract back to the publisher for my fourth book, "A Perfect Fit "...