Sunday, September 1, 2013


Wilderness kayaking around Tatoosh Islands sounds adventurous, doesn’t it? After coming ashore, we traveled 40 miles to the campsite where our two-man, colorful kayaks waited. We paddled along the inside passage in the Tongass National Forest and glided along spotting eagles and sea lions while watching for whale.

It was the first time we had ever kayaked in a boat with a rudder. Our guides explained that women are better at the rudder since they have a finer sense of touch. Now, you might think that working the rudder is pretty simple, and for the most part it is, but don’t forget you’re working your arms and using your sight and hearing all at the same time. I must admit, more than once I steered us off course, but I could hardly find fault with myself. I was busy cataloging and storing everything that surrounded me. All of my senses were in overdrive!

As you many of you know, I’m already in love with kayaking and when placed in what surely feels like God’s Country, it really lifts the experience into a whole new dimension.
Until next time, enjoy the life we are blessed to live,

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