Friday, August 30, 2013

Our Ship: "Radiance of the Seas"

What a glorious ship!

I hope that says it all because that is probably the best description that comes to mind when I think of Royal Caribbean’s “Radiance of the Seas.” With floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the ship, it’s nearly impossible not to enjoy the every-changing view. Much of the attention was drawn to the nine-story atrium that featured an elevator facing the sea.

We quickly fell into a daily routine that began with a lovely breakfast in the main dining room showcasing nearly a 360 degree view of the port and the ocean. Each morning, we chose from Eggs Benedict, French toast, several omelets or a variety of other egg entrees. Lightly powdered donuts, scones, muffins and fruit pastries were presented right after coffee was poured and juice was offered. They were lined up in neat rows on generous silver platters and were meant as a distraction while we waited for our breakfast.

We chose to dine in the “Cascades,” the formal dining room, each evening. If you love to dress for dinner and enjoy each course along with pleasant conversation, cruising is definitely for you. We ate absolutely delectable meals including baked salmon, lobster with drawn butter, steak in mushroom sauce, seasoned prawns, lasagna Bolognese and even roast turkey.

We were lucky to find ourselves seated at a table with some fabulous personalities and fun-loving travelers. It wasn’t long when we found ourselves celebrating the end of each evening with a “nightly shooter.” The service we received exceeded our expectations. Before having to request a glass of water or a cup of tea, the wait staff remembered our preferences from the night prior. What a welcomed treat!

Excursions consumed most of the day hours and after-dinner hours were spent dining, dancing at least one dance, and enjoying artistic performances from comedians, jugglers, vocalists and dance troupes in the "Aurora Theater."

We would leisurely make our way back to our cabin strolling on the promenade deck, allowing the fresh Alaskan wind and sounds of the sea to soak into our skins and senses.

Until next time, enjoy the life we are blessed to live,

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