Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Departure Day: Ready, Set, Alaska . . . .

Our departure day has arrived, and it’s gorgeous weather for travel. We are expecting quite cooler temperatures in Alaska. I took a look at an extended forecast to discover highs in the beginning of our journey in the 60s and dropping to the 40s. The weather will immediately set the scene to what we hope is an “adventure vacation.”

With the exception of our trip to Italy and Austria, our vacations have usually focused on a great deal of relaxation in the sun. South Beach, the Caribbean, and the British Virgin Islands provided much of the same experience. But, this retreat, set along the southern coast of Alaska and ending up in British Columbia, holds new merit for us.

Since we have an extra day, my hope is to stow away for a couple of hours and conduct some early research for my next book which will be set in Anchorage. We took great care in choosing our excursions: an introduction to the area with the White Pass Scenic Railway, a waterfall hike and salmon bake, wilderness sea-kayaking, a bear seeking hike, zip lining, and a trek across the longest suspension bridge in the world. We chose the Alaskan Railroad to reach our port in Seward and trusty Amtrak to leave British Columbia returning to the States.

Our suitcases are packed and laptops tucked in our travel cases. Alongside our formal wear, lay our brand-new hiking boots and weatherproof outdoor wear. Peering at the contents, it hints at possibilities. The trip is beginning to bubble its potential.

We are off on day one of Alaska.

Until next time, be sure to enjoy the life we have been blessed to live.


  1. Play safe and have a great time! Pam

  2. Wow...how exciting! BC and the Pacific Northwest hold a very special place in my heart....you will love it! Enjoy the adventure!!


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