Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kayaking - now that's an interesting word and even more interesting to spell! It's a sport I fell in love with last year and with all the rain Wisconsin has been receiving this year, it's a great year for paddling. What is it about kayaking that draws me in? The quiet movement across the water. The brush with nature as you coast into the shore hoping not to disturb. The physical workout of moving your body in unison with the paddles, pushing yourself to make better time than the last time you were out. Observing others who are swifter, leaner, and more beautiful as they work their bodies. The sounds, smells, the visuals, and the workout - it's all wrapped up beautifully in a ride in this little boat. Try it, you just may fall in love like I did.
Pictured here with my sister Catherine Hilt paddling the Mississippi over the fourth of July.

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