Saturday, January 28, 2012

Garden Dreams   

It’s hard not to think about my garden when we have temperatures in the 40s in January. Typically, my garden dreams don’t enter my mind until March or April, but this year is much different. This year, I get to relish in the idea of planting early. For whatever reason, the delay of a real winter certainly guarantees the onset of an early spring, right?
In between my asparagus bed and raspberry patch, I will plant my early crops. Typically, it’s a careful, almost painful selection of only the right seedlings — several varieties of lettuce, stout radishes, garlic, green onions, German parsley, snow white cauliflower and broccoli heads. The early crops don’t mind Wisconsin’s April coquettish winds, and I can count on them to stand proud to welcome the late arrivals of potatoes, cabbage for sauerkraut, tomatoes, peppers, pickles, pole beans and my new addition for 2012, a strawberry bed.My hope this year is that my tomatoes duck the blight that has been plaguing them the last couple of years (I’m told it travels in the air), that the Japanese beetles will choose another row of beans and raspberries to devour, and the potato beetle is less interested in the thick, green leaves that may tantalize them to stop in and stay awhile. All these hopes I hold for my garden along with a plentiful harvest and a connection with Mother Nature that cannot be found anywhere else but my own backyard.Who among you are like me, waiting in anticipation to get your hands dirty in your garden? 


  1. Oh you're not the only one thinking about a good growing season and this one will be special.

  2. The Japanese beetles keep coming thicker every year. Seems the only way to kill them short term is with seven.

  3. I cant wait to clean my flower beds for the spring season. Hopefully nothing froze out during our winter season.


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